• 94.7 Cycle Challenge (2006) Performance intervention
    Anthea Moys is an artist, a teacher, a play activist and an events and live art practitioner. Underpinning all of her work is her interest in the liberating possibilities of play. In 2008 she completed her Masters in Fine Arts (with distinction) at the University of Witwatersrand with a focus on structured play and performance in public space.
    In 2013 she won the Standard Bank Young Artist award for Performance art (inaugural). In response to this she created her ‘Vs’ series: “Anthea Moys vs, The City of Grahamstown” and “Anthea Moys vs The City of Geneva”. The conceptual message of this work attempted to reimagine victory as the act of learning rather than conquest. Anthea is an active participant in the Johannesburg Massive collective and is currently interested in live art events and collaborative art practice.
    Her artistic practice, theoretical interest in play and the practical implementation of playful methodologies has led her to partake in various residency programs around the world as well as participate in and facilitate workshops in play and performance, risk and creativity.
    Anthea is also passionate about arts education and has been teaching for the past ten years at various institutions including Wits and Rhodes University as well as Vega School of Brand Leadership. As a teacher she once again aims to include playful embodied learning methodologies in her practice with her students.
    Anthea lives works and plays in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    As an award-winning artist, educator, and player of games, Anthea Moys has over ten years experience working and playing with people from all walks of life. Adopting an embodied, active and non-competitive approach, Anthea leads play workshops that develop the creative self. Fun, make-believe, game play, experimentation, risk-taking and participatory exchange are some of the workshop themes. The workshop aims to open up the participants creatively and to challenge them to step out of their comfort zones.
    In the context of creative development and idea generation, the power of play lies in the act of playing itself – playing for play’s sake, not playing to win. In today's success and goal-orientated society, play can be seen as an interruption to daily life. Making space and time for play is acknowledging that play is actually work, and that you will be investing in the development of skills including:
    ·      Lateral thinking
    ·      Teamwork
    ·      Creative problem solving
    ·      Active listening
    ·      Risk taking
    ·      Physical movement and game play
    ·      Self-expression
    ·      Decision making
    Make-believe, escape
    Playing is fun! When last did you just play for the sake of playing? Not to win, but just to play? Remember when you made that little fort in the garden when you were five? You were in another world! Play creates a sense of escape where another ‘order’ rules. Whilst it is fun, it is still very serious. We are relaxed, but focused and are absorbed in the game. When we play like this, we lose track of time and enter into a flow state that heightens our creative abilities.
    Experimentation, mistakes, risk
    Play challenges us to experiment, take risks, make mistakes and engage with our own fears of failure in a productive and directed way. Taking risks always means risking failure, which is why so many of us tend to play it safe. But play provides a safe space in which to fail. In the immortal words of Samuel Becket, play encourages us to ‘Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better’. 
    Exchange, collaboration
    Playing is a collaborative, responsive act where exchange takes place between people in a safe and structured way. Rules provide cues for behaviour that encourage communication, and stimulate strong social bonds between participants. Playing a game or creating a collective art work is a powerful social experience that fosters teamwork and collaborative thinking.
    Workshops are designed specific to each group and setting.
    Please contact Anthea for more information.
    +27 84 822 6577
    For examples of past projects, please go to 'PLAY WORKSHOPS'
    When Anthea was 22 she organised ten different art parties and events in Newtown, Johannesburg at The Songwriters Club. Since then (2001) she has created performances works for events that add an element of surprise and magic. We can tailor a performance specifically for your event. Make contact with the artist for more information.
    For examples of performances that can be inlcued at your event, go to 'EVENTS'.