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Anthea is an artist who specialises in using play as an experiential learning tool to co-create, develop, and facilitate
workshops and creative contemporary art projects in the public domain.


“And i think... in joining all these teams and allowing this town to show the best of its ‘quirkinesses’ there was also a stunning kind of letting go of ego or unattachment to ego on Antheas part where really she acted as kind of a experience choreographer rather than a performance artist per say. And that was a wonderful thing to be a part of.”


Tanya Poole, East Cape Shotokan Ryu Karate Sensei.

One of my teachers in the Final Vs Performance


Artistic portfolio of contemporary live art practice.

Teaching & Workshops

Pedagogic approach and portfolio of creative workshops.

Practice Research

Practice research projects exploring play and learning, well-being, and power.

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