Anthea Moys

Artist, educator, lifelong learner, trickster & Ph.D. candidate at Northumbria University.

Anthea is an artist, an educator, a practice-researcher, a lifelong learner, a trickster, and a Ph.D. candidate at Northumbria University. Like a painter works with paint, Anthea works with play and games, structures, and rules as her material for her performance practice. As an educator and practice researcher, Anthea’s main interest lies in play as praxis, i.e., studying the practice and theory of play and how this can be used to challenge power structures. Over the last 15 years or so, she has developed a unique performance and workshop practice and developed several devising methods for performer training.


After completing her Masters at Wits which focused on the enactment of play through performance in public space, she spent the following ten years as an artist and a lecturer. In 2013 she won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art (inaugural) where she created her “Vs.” series, which embraced failure and reimagined winning as the act of learning itself. In 2006 she created the world's first-ever Snowswimming Team in Switzerland and, upon her return to South Africa, became the first cyclist to ride the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and go nowhere. In August 2018, Anthea was selected as one of the three performance artists from Africa in the traveling residency (Finland, Sweden, and Norway) 'History Will Be Kind To Me For I Intend To Perform It' where she used the opportunity to learn from her fellow performance artists, curators, producers and audiences in creating a kind of performance art master class.


In 2018, for three months, Anthea was a resident artist and researcher at The Capital of Children as part of the LEGO Foundation in Denmark where she learned what she was not. In February 2020 she facilitated her ‘Play to Keep on Playing or Play to Win’ sessions at the Wellcome Collection in London. Anthea is now in the 3rd year of her practice research Ph.D. investigating privilege, power and reimagining the capacity of play for antiracist, feminist, trickster practice in the field of performance studies. Anthea is currently living her second-best life in Gateshead, U.K.


Anthea is aware that she is a previously advantaged, white (and patchy with vitiligo), able-bodied person and endeavours to use her privilege to continuously engage, with care, curiosity, and creativity, in critical self-reflexivity with others, including this ‘practice of return’ as part of her teaching, artistic, research and daily life play practice.

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