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anthea moys

Artist, facilitator, educator and play activist.

I am an artist, educator and facilitator. My creative practice explores the liberating qualities of play in relation to the rule-bound characteristics of sport through performance. Often, I work with sport, games and rule structures as symbolic material to refer to power, war, and hierarchies: that which divides us and supports binaries: win/fail, strong/weak, hero/villain, and winner/loser. My creative practice uses play as a border-blurring tool to bring us closer together. I use play as a method, to ‘play with the rules’ so as to subvert and destabilize, queer, shake up and ‘mess with’ the current ‘order’ of things. In this way this work allows me and others to playfully disrupt and subvert the way things are normally done, thereby revealing an alternative way of seeing the world, doing something, or relating to one another. As a play activist, I believe that play and collective shared experiences of joy are highly undervalued as deeply meaningful practices that have the capacity to create social change.

In 2013 I won the inaugural Standard Bank Young Artist award for performance art in South Africa (see here for the work that was made in response to winning this award). In 2015 I was part of the JOBURG MASSIVE collective and one of the performance artists selected as part of the Johannesburg Pavilion for the Venice Biennale. In 2017 I was one of three selected performance artists from Africa to participate in the ‘History Will Be Kind To Me for I Will Perform It’ traveling residency project in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. 


In 2018, for three months, I was a resident artist and researcher at The Capital of Children as part of the LEGO Foundation in Denmark where researched how to communicate dense information on play to a wide public. In February 2020 I facilitated a session ‘Play to Keep on Playing or Play to Win’ which played with ideas around power at the Wellcome Collection in London. 

All the faces you see on this website have willingly consented to be a part of each project and its representation. I am eternally grateful to each player for their willingness to share their energy, passion, wisdom, and mad skills with me!

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