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The Practice Research Output: The Practice on the Page

The piece of Creative Analytical Practice, i.e. The Practice on the Page, weaves together all the written data: writing, interviews, photos and senses, smells and sounds, etc. from all of the practices into one polyvocal autoethnographic text. It includes interviews with my family and extended family (1980-2001), participants from the 2007 Boxing Games performance (Dan and Katja), Prince and his boxers from Prince's gym from my visit in 2019 and Mbesta Reeds' writings.


In discussing “the performative turn” in anthropological studies, performance studies scholar and ethnographer Dwight Conquergood (1989) writes about a shift – a “commitment to process”– over measurable scientific product. He asks: “What are the performative resources for interrupting master scripts?” (1989, p. 84). To further interrupt/disrupt my own voice and accounts of practices 1, 2, and 3, I also commissioned Prince’s cousin Mbesta Reeds to interview Prince in Zulu, where he asked Prince questions about Practice 1 (2007) and my return to the gym: Practice 2 (2019). I also include voices from the Wellcome Trust workshop in discussing themes of power. To be clear, their voices are not only there to interrupt my narrative. They are critical to understanding the complexity and intersectionality, the many interweaving and interconnected layers, and the multiple truths that this practice research seeks to hold.

The images below are images of Prince and me as well as Mbesta Reeds and Djoca Dapiedade, the voices that make up the retelling of Boxing Games. 

Info on Prince's Boxing Gym can be found here:

Prince's gym is featured in a film about Hillbrow here: 

And written about here:

Prince welcomes any financial assistance so that he can keep the gym a safe place and train the champions he needs to train. He is also wanting to purchase children's boxing gloves and sparring equipment. If you would like to donate to the gym please do so: 

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