A Day of Play with Falmouth Design Students

2019 & 2021


In September 2019, I was invited to run a course on play for 12 Master's students and 100 3rd year BA Design students at Falmouth University. I designed the day around Roger Caillois’ (1958) four areas of games: namely agon (contest), alea (chance), mimicry (make-believe), and ilynx (vertigo). We played the games, talked about some play theories and came up with some games of our own! We also spent some time writing in reflection at the end of the day - see the images of their reflections below.

In 2021 I was invited back to lead a whole week dedicated to play. We held the first Falmouth Flux Olympiad! The training involved the students working with different kinds of sports and making them unwinnable. We then held an Olympiad in the sports hall. The whole experience was followed with reflection and thinking how to incorporate a 'play practice' into the student experience. Just having come out of COVID19 lockdowns, the second iteration of this course for both the students and lecturers, proved to be particularly powerful in its anti-exclusionary, embodied, fun, and sensory approach. An excerpt from an email from a student reads: “don't think I've smiled and laughed so much before. Felt like I really came out of my shell today.”