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The Fast Art Girls 


OSS_Fast Art Girls_02_1.jpg

AAW! (Artists At Work!) Commissioned performance for 2009 Johannesburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre

In collaboration with Toni Morkel and Roberto Pombo on the keyboard and our Digital Chef James Happe.

Photographs: Dean Hutton


The Fast Art Girls with their Fast Art Trailer, musician and chef exchange their ideas about Art, Value and Viennas. A range of their exclusive, authentic ArtWorks is available, to anyone wanting to engage with them. For the Johannesburg Art Fair they pulled up and un-hitched their trailer outside the Joburg Art Fair at the convention centre in Sandton, an up market area in Johannesburg. They installed themselves for 5 hours, trading their unique Fast Art to a never ending stream of customers, and a fascinated and entertained audience of art lovers and general public.


They sold art, made on the spot and printed out, which people could order from a menu with offers of Pre-printed combo’s, combo’s of your choice (eg: a hamburger with your favourite artist in it, with a free famous signature of your choice, to go on the side) or the option of ‘Put Yourself Inside a Famous Artwork’. With every purchase you got a free cold Vienna wrapped in a page from The Art Times, with mustard and tomato sauce, and a free famous signature of your choice. You could also buy DIY kits ‘how to be a famous artist’ and ‘Instant Art, Instant Fame’ kits. Or look-alike disguises to get into the Joburg Art Fair (disguises included Wayne Barker look-alike hats, Kentridge false noses, Frieda Carlo unibrows etc). You could also be photographed as Mona Lisa or The Scream. Also available were DIY kits to make your own Genius Art Child.


Theatre maker and keyboard player Roberto Pombo, kept the crowd swaying/ bopping/singing along next to the trailer all evening. Brian Webber, as ‘Britney’ arrived with her dog and body guard, to buy art and hang out. Customers who could not afford the going prices, of either 20 cents or R 20 000, traded their skills for their purchases – some people sang, some performed etc.

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