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Practice Research

In 2017-2018 I was invited as a resident artist and researcher at the LEGO Foundation where I used my skills from my artistic practice in finding out how to make LEGO’s research on play accessible to a diverse audience through art. One of my current research interests lies in critically reimagining the often-used term ‘learning through play’ through a decolonial lens: unlearning through play.


For the past 4 years (2019-2022), every September, I have been returning to Falmouth University to work with their permanent staff members in leading a week-long course in play for 100 Design students. This is now an extended research project investigating the effects of play on young people’s mental health and well-being.


Through my professional practice research, I have contributed to advancing the area of play scholarship in performance studies. With coach and ex-champion boxer George Khosi and past players from 2007 we have developed ‘ambidlala’ (ambi = both and dlala = play in Zulu) as a reflexive methodology for play in performance studies in a post-apartheid context.

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