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Sharing resources for opportunities. Please get in touch should you need further assistance (eg: proposal writing) or if you have useful links to add to this page.


Performing Arts in UK Mailing List:


SCUDD Mailing List:


Jobs in UK:
Funding opportunities: 


British Council (ZA UK exchanges):

Visual Arts Network South Africa:

Goethe Institut:


ProHelvetia ant seed funding:,knowledge%20and%20expertise%20across%20borders.

The British Academy:

The Wellcome Trust:

Leverhulme Fellowships:



Prince Claus Travel Fund:

Art Moves Africa:

Playful Folk:

Wellworn Theatre company:

Windybrow Arts Centre:

Playful Arts Festival:


Their Books section:

CounterPlay Facebook Group:

My successful and unsuccessful applications: 

Proposal for a studentship to complete a practice research PhD (successful):

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA) (successful)

Other successful FHEA applications:

Saari Residency Application (successful):

Tate Intensives (shortlisted but unsuccessful application - sharing anyway!)

If you would like access to any others, please contact me. 


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