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The Portrait Exchange



Tired of arm wrestling, The Portrait Exchange emerged as a desire to continue playing with people, but doing something that is a little bit less strenuous. The exchange is a blind drawing game. The rules are that we draw each other, but we are not allowed to look down at the page whilst drawing the other. After each has drawn the other we look down at our magnificent creations, laugh, sign, date and exchange them. 


The Portrait Exchange has been performed numerous times in South Africa and abroad since 2015: at the Transitions Exhibition at Museum Africa and GIBS Business School in May 2015, The Turbine Art Fair 2015, Infecting the City and Creative Womxn Conference in 2016. In 2017 the game was played with over 100 people as part of my keynote address for the CounterPlay festival in Aarhus, Denmark as written about here. In 2018 it was similarly played again at the Playful Arts festival in the Netherlands.

I have a growing collection of over 500 portraits to date. 

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