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Wellcome Collection Workshop:
Play to Win or Play to Keep on Playing



For the Play Well festival at the Wellcome Collection, I was invited to facilitate two 1-hour workshops. The workshops investigated the tension between competitive, and non-competitive play and the feelings of power that emerged through playing the Boxing Game. After playing, we spent some time reflecting and discussing. I included these workshops as one of the practices for my practice research Ph.D. which explores power and structural violence in play. 

"Anthea's workshop "Play to Win or Play to Keep on Playing" at the Wellcome Collection was a perfect invitation to find out what play means to you by living the question of how you play.

A world-class performer and facilitator, Anthea's expertly-honed play instincts and visionary nature bore an afternoon that felt fresh, alive, open, and inquisitive -- not an easy feat when working with 25 members of the public off the street!

In the post-session debrief, you could tell those present felt they'd been the beneficiaries of a rare and wonderful experience unlocked by Anthea's open spirit, keen heart, and infectious ability to bring others into the present moment to celebrate and grow by engaging with our in borne gifts of impulse and curiosity."

- Zuzana Žilková, workshop participant, 2020.

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