Windybrow Arts Centre: Breathless Tour



During the months June and July 2017, employed as Activations director at The Coloured Cube, I initiated several performances at the Windybrow Centre for the Arts. For the opening on June the 16th as part of Alliance Francais annual music event Fete de la Musique I worked with choreographer Teresa Phuti and her dancers from the Market Theatre Lab as well as several young movers from Hillbrow area and boxers from George Khosi’s boxing club in creating a ‘Breathless Tour’ of the Windybrow house. The performance was performed three times to audiences of over 20 people. The audience followed the dancers as they moved through the house, breathing new life into this old heritage house. Thank you to Mark Straw for the photos!


On June 18th Anthea worked with The Coloured Cube in directing several yellow clad performers as story collectors for the launch of the Exclusive Books Pan African Reading Room on July 18th. We also installed a tin can telephone from a flat on the fourth floor in the building across the road where singers sang down to audience members below through the tin can. And it actually worked! The idea was initiated as a symbolic performance of how the WAC would like to connect with its surrounding residents through the arts.